The comfortable hotel “Bakhus” is located in the outskirts of the ancient Uzhhorod in the village of Storozhnytsya, which was mentioned in the records in the XIII century.

According to the Greek legend the Olympic gods punished the god of wine and fun Bacchus (Dionysus, Bacchus) for treating them with merry wine juice, after which the gods lost control. They descented him to the ground – to the Carpathian Mountains.

A jolly god of wine was not bored; he brought a vine to the Carpathians and taught local people to grow it. And once, when the gods asked how Bacchus was doing there, they couldn’t believe their eyes: all Carpathian valleys were planted with vine, cheerful music and laughter sounded everywhere, and the Carpathians land was shrouded in jollified wine aroma.

Supporting this millennial tradition of Zakarpattia, our hotel named after the ancient Greek god, offers to enjoy your leisure time and relax from routine surrounded by exquisite style.

We are eager to meet you with comfort and get any of your wishes done. As the very Bacchus, who descended from the heavens lives here…


Уоu are welcome!